Q & A

  1. What are the payment methods supported in LiNKDOOD Ecommerce?

    Answer: PayPal , ALIPAY International and International Bank Remittance.

  2. Why the private server is not ready after payment done?

    Answer:Under normal circumstances, your LiNKDOOD private server will be ready within 2 hours after you complete the payment . You will be notified through SMS or email. However, if you do not receive any update after 2 hours from us, you may check the server status in “Console” > ”My Order”, or contact our customer service at Contact Us.

  3. What will make the payment failed?

    There are several factors that may cause payment failure:

    1. Poor internet connection
    2. Insufficient account balance
    3. For bank remittance, please contact respective bank inquiry

    If the payment failure is not caused by the above-mentioned factors, please try again in a short while. Contact your respective payment agent as below if the payment failure issue still persist: